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Thursday, July 24, 2014
8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
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Leadership…perhaps the only truly sustainable competitive advantage.
-Dr. Harold S. Resnick

UNF’s Division of Continuing Education, in partnership with Dr. Harold S. Resnick, is proud to offer a proven leadership development program that has been implemented successfully with executives at all levels throughout North and South America, Europe and the Middle East for more than twenty-five years. This program has now been offered in Northeast Florida for more than a decade. Dozens of organizations have implemented customized programs within their own companies, and hundreds of companies have participated by sending individuals or teams of leaders to the UNF-sponsored “Invitational Leadership program.” This program has been successfully offered by UNF and over-subscribed for the past six consecutive years.

The program combines the learning experience of core leadership concepts along with real-time applications so that both the participants and their organizations experience real and immediate benefits.

The program is personally delivered by Dr. Harold S. Resnick. During his thirty-five years in organizational development, Dr. Resnick has earned national and international recognition as a leading authority and innovator in organizational transformation and leadership development. He has published extensively, and provides a monthly newsletter available for subscription at no charge directly from his website,

This leadership program recognizes and is designed to address the following business challenges:

Today’s Leadership Challenges

  • Business stability is a thing of the past. White-water rafting is a more accurate description of today’s business environment. That requires clarity of vision, well-designed strategic direction, an aligned senior team, and the ability to execute with competence and efficiency.
  • Competition is global – even if your business is local. Competitive products and services come from anywhere. Every organization must develop “best in class” services with the ability to adjust and adapt with agility.
  • It is increasingly difficult to create a sustaining high performing organization. The complexities of the marketplace create dynamic challenges. Both technologies and work processes are increasingly interconnected. Multi-generation work forces with significantly different world views require thoughtful integration. Social media, the ease of universal communications, and the speed in which business is conducted increases at an exponential rate. Organizations must be designed with care to achieve their intended goals, and also be able to consider and respond to the unintended consequences of their
  • Customer loyalty can no longer be taken for granted. It has to be re-earned every day. Creating a sustaining customer base requires a clear and compelling value proposition targeted specifically at the intended audience and market segments

The Invitational Leadership Development Program is offered by the UNF Division of Continuing Education as part of its executive development offerings. This invitational program enables participating companies to send as few as one and as many as five managers from their organizations to participate as a team. Total program enrollment is capped in order to provide an extraordinary learning experience for each participant.

Recommended Attendees

For smaller organizations, the program is best suited to owners, presidents, vice presidents and directors. For larger organizations, the program delivers the greatest impact among the executive team, vice presidents, directors, senior and upper middle level managers.

This program also creates great benefit for individuals and teams who have significant management or leadership responsibilities in their respective organizations. This may include functional (departmental) management responsibilities, cross-functional team responsibilities or other similar leadership roles.

This is not a program for beginning managers or supervisors.

Once nominated, participating individuals and organizations must be qualified to ensure they meet these criteria, so that the participants will be prepared to make use of the higher level of program instruction and the direct business applications.

Key Program Benefits

  • Increase the sponsoring organization’s leadership bench strength, as well as prepare the next generation of leaders needed to sustain organizational success.
  • Develop leadership and management skills to complement the technical competence of your organization.
  • Availability of one-on-one coaching or personal development for participants desiring extra support or specific work-related applications.
  • Real-time application to address some of your company’s challenges and/or opportunities through the small team work in which real-time company situations are analyzed and addressed under Dr. Resnick’s personal guidance.
  • Solve some of your company’s persistent problems as program participants apply the program elements to real-time company situations under Dr. Resnick’s personal guidance.
  • Develop strong learning teams (functional or cross-functional team building) for companies that choose to send a learning team.

Program Overview

This program contains a number of elements designed to provide fully integrated, self-reinforcing learning experiences.

Seven one-day instructional modules
The integrating vehicle for the program is the series of seven one-day facilitated sessions delivered one day per month over seven consecutive months in an action learning style. In addition to the highly developed program content, each group applies the content by working on real-time organizational issues and problems.

Program materials

Participants receive a comprehensive manual and PowerPoint deck providing the related content for each module. Participants also receive several Harvard Business Review articles each month as part of their preparation for the next session. A wide variety of instruments, personal assessments and other action learning tools are also included as an integral part of the program support materials.

Learning teams
To help ensure application of the concepts and skills developed in the program, learning teams are formed to reinforce personal action plans and on-the-job applications. When participating organizations send several individuals as a team, they maximize this benefit. Company teams of three or more individuals are maintained as intact teams through the program learning experience.

For organizations that only send one or two participants table groups are established with other organizations that are aligned in terms of size, market segment, organizational structure, etc. For example, there may be a non-profit group, a public sector group, a small company group and one or two larger organizational groups.

Companies who compete directly with each other are not allowed to participate in the same class. This is accommodated through a ‘first come – first served” model.

Supplemental individual coaching
Dr. Resnick maintains personal availability to the participants between sessions. Individuals may call for personal discussion or coaching, or share materials for feedback via fax or email.

Feedback to senior management
Before, during and after the program feedback sessions are available to the managers of the participants and to the senior executives of the sponsoring organization to enhance the learning and application of each participant. These feedback sessions are provided upon request.

Action learning and real-work implementation
Because this program is conducted over seven months with multiple experiences to tie the learning together, the program can focus on real-time action learning and implementation issues. Learning teams are created and used to identify and apply real-time work issues through collective action. Assignments are given to both individuals and learning teams for real-time work applications between the learning sessions. The class becomes a fully integrated real-work action laboratory in which ideas and activities are developed in the classroom, tried out on-the-job, and then feedback is provided between sessions and in the next formal workshop experience.

Summer 2014 Program Begins on May 6

Module 1: Your Role as a Leader - May 6

  • Core principles of leadership and management
  • Defining your leadership purpose and setting priorities
  • Applying time management principles for personal organization and effectiveness
  • Managing the challenges of email, instant messaging, etc. while remaining focused on key priorities

Module 2: Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence - June 10

  • Definition and key principles of emotional intelligence
  • Understanding your own EQ strengths and weaknesses – Bar-On EQ model
  • Applying emotional intelligence in the workplace
  • Using emotional intelligence reduce work-related stress

Module 3: The Power of Performance Management – July 8

  • Principles of performance management
  • An alternative model for setting expectations– purpose and core responsibilities
  • Feedback, coaching and counseling
  • The role of compensation, rewards and recognition systems

Module 4: Team Building and Management Styles - August 14

  • Creating high performing teams - demonstrating synergy
  • Chartering teams for sustaining performance
  • Management styles for individual and team performance
  • Situational leadership

Module 5: Organizational Design and Business Models – September 9

  • Concepts of organizational design and structure
  • Elements of a business model
  • De-redesigning business models based on markets and value propositions
  • Developing measurement systems aligned to the business model

Module 6: Business and Strategic Planning – October 7

  • Developing conceptual/strategic thinking skills
  • The five stages of strategic planning
  • The elements and process for business planning
  • The challenges of execution

Module 7: Organizational Change and Culture – October 30

  • Three organizational change models – structural, behavioral and process
  • Developing a change methodology and addressing resistance to change
  • Defining culture and its criticality to organizational behavior and success
  • Influencing organizational culture


The investment for this program is $3,995 per participant for the complete seven -module program with all related materials, meals and support. Discounts apply for additional participants from the same company. Special discounts may be applied for learning teams.


Contact Tim Giles at (904) 620-4231 or to receive more information on:

  • Program content
  • How to receive an application form
  • The application process
  • Special pricing for multiple attendees or intact learning teams

Learn about more executive development solutions

UNF’s Division of Continuing Education has developed a full suite of programs and services designed specifically for busy executives and senior managers who would like to apply their learning while addressing real-time organizational issues. To receive a copy of our full brochure, please e-mail Tim Giles at or call him direct at (904) 620-4231.


This course meets on Tuesday's and Thursday's from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, beginning on May 6th and ending on October 30th.

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