The Cummer Gardens: Natural Beauty and Beautiful Cities in the American Landscape

Thursday, January 6, 2022
7:00 PM
Cummer Museum, 829 Riverside Avenue, 32204
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Dr, Scott Brown

With the majestic Cummer Oak overlooking the broad St. John’s River as it bends and narrows toward downtown, the Cummer Gardens are a sanctuary beloved by many in Jacksonville. The Gardens are also fundamental both to the Cummer's collection and to Ninah Cummer’s ideas about art and beauty. Ninah sought some of America’s leading landscape architects to design her gardens, including Ellen Biddle Shipman and the Olmstead firm, and she was never still—constantly rethinking, adding, and changing. For Ninah and for us today, the gardens offer the opportunity and a compelling reason to think deeply about the meaning and importance of natural beauty in the urban landscape, about the cost and value of beautiful cities.  

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