OFE Event - HIPS and Student Engagement: What/Who/How

Friday, October 1, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Building 1, J.J. Daniel Hall, Room 1401 or via Zoom
Event Type
Employee Training
Dr. Gordon Rakita
(904) 620-1658

This is the first of several planned workshops on High-Impact Practices. Please join us as we kick off the series in an introductory session where we'll explore what High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are generally within the university setting and, more particularly, which HIPs are vibrant at the University of North Florida.


Are you curious to know who is engaging in them? If HIPs correlate to student success nationally and specifically at UNF? Come learn why faculty in all disciplines should consider integrating HIPs into their teaching and research worlds.  


This is a hybrid event, so come in person to the OFE's new faculty lounge (Building 1, Room 1401) or attend via Zoom.   

  • Facilitators: Dr. Amanda Kulp, Director of Assessment; and Dr. Gordon Rakita, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and AVP of Faculty Excellence.

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