Syllabus Lab 2: Building a Faculty-Centered Syllabus

Wednesday, August 18, 2021
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Building 1, J.J. Daniel Hall, Room 1401 or via Zoom
Event Type
Employee Training
Dr. Gordon Rakita
(904) 620-1658

It's not too late to tweak, design, or redesign your course syllabus. In this interactive Syllabus Lab, come think with us from the faculty viewpoint about workload issues (your calendar, and balancing teaching and scholarship or creative activity); assessment, academic tracking; early academic alerts and midterm evaluations; and documenting how you've changed the course from the last time your taught it (documenting for your evaluation) and whether it worked or not. Rather than an administrative document, how does your syllabus guide you through accounting for this class? Let's talk about it. 


This is a hybrid event, so come in person to the OFE's new faculty lounge (Building 1, Room 1401) or attend via Zoom.  

  • Facilitators: Dr. Linda Howell, Assistant Professor of English, Director of the Writing Program, and Faculty Excellence Fellow; and Dr. Gordon Rakita, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and AVP of Faculty Excellence

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