OFE Event - Headstands in Class? Nope, Just Flipped Classroom

Friday, October 22, 2021
1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Zoom or 1/1401
Event Type
Employee Training
Dr. Gordon Rakita
(904) 620-1658

Students and faculty alike hate homework (admit it). Flipped classroom is an alternative to the traditional method of teaching in class and then sending students off to complete homework. Instead, the students attend lecture at home and complete the homework in class, having your guidance and support available to them along the way. Plus -- and here is the important part -- it is less tedious grading for you! And it looks good as “teaching innovation” in those P&T dossiers (we see you, junior faculty). This workshop will provide an overview of flipped classroom methodology and then provide an opportunity to brainstorm and plan flipped classroom activities. Come check it out. Bring your thinking caps. 

  • Facilitators: Dr. Rob Zeglin, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Faculty Excellence Fellow; and Dr. Gordon Rakita, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and AVP of Faculty Excellence

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