Sandy Miller Metrotown Institute

Wednesday, June 23, 2021
9:00 AM
Building 53, Ann and David Hicks Hall
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Special Events
Deidre Lane
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Sandy Miller Metrotown Institute is a four-day experiential diversity program that promotes interracial, inter-religious and intercultural dialogue for teenagers entering grades 9-12. Youth are challenged to engage in facilitated discussion on topics of bias, bigotry, discrimination and prejudice such as race, religion and gender roles. 


Pushing the envelope on perception versus reality and shattering tired myths, the teen participants gain new understanding, respect and appreciation for the differences in each other. Through the process of sharing and exchanging ideas from a multicultural perspective, youth walk away from this experience recognizing their similarities and differences, celebrating these differences by uniting with a new network of friends and having the courage to advocate for others when oppression hurts them. 


Metrotown is a powerful experience that impacts all who participate.

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