Smile - Using Photovoice in the Classroom

Friday, September 3, 2021
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Building 1, J.J. Daniel Hall, Room 1401 or via Zoom
Event Type
Employee Training
Dr. Gordon Rakita
(904) 620-1658

Our students have cell phones. Cell phones have cameras. Cameras take pictures. Pictures can be used to facilitate learning. Ok…wait…hear us out. Photovoice, a pretty common qualitative research methodology, can be used in the classroom to inspire student creativity while meeting course objectives.


Using Photovoice, students take photos in their everyday life of objects, people, places, things, and any other nouns that they feel represent the material. These photos are then used to facilitate learning. Come learn more about it in this workshop. Bring your cell phone.


This is a hybrid event, so come in person to the OFE's new faculty lounge (Building 1, Room 1401) or attend via Zoom.  

  • Facilitators: Dr. Rob Zeglin, Assistant Professor of Public Health and Faculty Excellence Fellow; and Dr. Gordon Rakita, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology and AVP of Faculty Excellence

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